A project may be large or small but they all require a project management process and plan in order to succeed. Bob Phillips is experienced in a huge range of construction sectors and can help you define, follow and complete your project.

1st stage Define the client brief

  • Concept of requirement
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Governing rules and reporting methods.

2nd stage Project definition.

  • Confirm objectives, scope and risks
  • Develop implementation – Consultants Architects, CDMC Client team.
  • Develop programme of resources and milestone events

3rd stage Project execution plan

  • Resources plan ( Historical, legal, environmental consultants etc)
  • Elemental Cost Plan
  • Schedule of events
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Risk Management

4th Stage – Project management and controls

  • Project controls during construction phases
  • Risk management Project status reports review of data.
  • Quality risk and change
  • Team Leadership
  • Review of deliverables, production and progress
  • Quality and programme.

5th Stage – Project close.

  • Close out progress and report
  • Post implementation of documentation,
  • Health and safety files.
  • Review close out lessons learnt.

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